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About Us

"Care for Life"

PT Advance Medicare Corpora is a company to provide a better life particularly for the patients who had to come through surgical procedure by promoting and distributing Karl Storz Endoscope products in Indonesia.

It is really just a right combination between renowned Karl Storz brand and huge experience of people who founded AMC and have vast experience in healthcare industry.

We will work very hard to ensure that medical professionals who use our products have complete confidence and we are proud that we will continuously provide high quality products with high quality of training.


Our vision in crystal clear, AMC will become a leading company in Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) industry. AMC will become an industry standard company that providing high quality brand.


AMC will deliver high quality products and services to provide high quality of life of patients, satisfy our customers, customers, employees business partners and all the communities where we exist.


To achieve our goals, we will leverage our values of Sense of Urgency, Teamwork, Transparency, Integrity and Continuous Improvement.