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Karl Storz Gynecology

Beside gynaecology laparascopy, recently hysteroscopy in the diagnosis and therapy of intrauterine disorders is a standard procedure in clinics as well as private practices.

We have produced the miniaturization of the operating instruments, conventional invasive surgery can be performed more efficiently and with a minimum of trauma. KARL STORZ has played a major role in this development and offers hysteroscopes, amnioscopes and fetoscopes of various diameters for diagnosis and surgery.

Today, we realize that pelvic disease is increasing significantly which is for sure is also being attached to the field of pelvic surgery. KARL STORZ has also developed other instruments for new methods such as transvaginal endoscopy (TVE) and falloposcopy.

The laparoscopic enucleation of myomas and supracervical hysterectomy using the Morcellator are now as firmly established as are standard laparoscopic applications.