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Karl Storz KARL STORZ Telepresence and Orchrestation

KARL STORZ are continuously setting new milestones in rigid endoscopic imaging. With IMAGE 1 HUBTM HD, KARL STORZ launched the first FULL HD camera control unit for endoscopy on the market in 2007. Full HD has been the standard for camera systems in minimally invasive surgery ever since.

KARL STORZ IMAGE 1 S once again sets new standards in rigid endoscopic imaging .

The IMAGE 1 S modular design allows customization to individual needs so that the system is optimally adapted to suit user requirements.

New FULL HD three-chip camera heads with SPIES functionality complement the system and provide diverse visualization possibilities for endoscopic imaging.

The modular concept of IMAGE 1 S integrates today’s KARL STORZ IMAGE 1 FULL HD three-chip camera heads into the new camera heads into the new camera platform via IMAGE 1 H3-LINK.

Modern high-technology medical systems consist of components from the most diverse fields of engineer-ing: Optics, mechanics and electronics as well as the associated software must work in perfect harmony if the instruments are to function as desired. As simple as the requirement for a harmonious interplay of the individual components may sound, it’s realization is in fact a highly complex matter.

Our company attains this high quality by ensuring that each and every component is developed, manufactured and subjected to a constant quality control process at our own company. This concept guarantees a maximum of functionality and quality for each individual endoscopic system. The continuity of this quality-consciousness is ensured by the company’s tenet of training its employees from all sectors at our own company.