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Service Center


Keeping your Laparoscopic on the go and always looking its best is something we take great pride in. So much so in fact, we’ve simplified every step of the equipment management process so you can find exactly what you’re after, ensuring your equipment back on the go as quickly as possible.

Our customer services department takes all complaints seriously and aim to find a solution within days.

For questions, complaints, exchanges or anything else, our specialist customer service staffs are there to provide you with the best. Based on the contract, we will regularly visit your OR to assess your devices and get repaired during your contract maintenance.

We’re willing and delighted to serve you the best.


When equipment is installed, the work must be precise, must meet deadlines, takes special preparation, and is often done in confined areas.

Nurse and Operator Training

Let us put the training program in place for you. We are committed to playing a key role in educating users on effectively to perform their jobs. Available on-site or online our tailored training courses are packed with demonstrations, participant interactivity, reinforcement discussions and hand-on exercises to jump-start your team's performance and drive result.

Audit and Assessment

We concern about your patient’s safety, and your operator comfort in using devices. Please invite us to come to your operating room, we delight to come and assist you in having assessment and audit. We will report and give suggestion what should you do. We train your OR staff on how to maintain your devices.

Routine Maintenance & Emergency Repair

Routine maintenance often includes …..changes, …….rotations, …..replacement, …..checks, new ……, and inspections. Maintenance schedules vary by equipment, model and year; the best source of information about routine scheduled maintenance is your owner's manual.

Contract Service

Based on the contract, we will regularly visit your OR to assess your devices and get repaired during your contract maintenance.

Online Support

We provide an online support to a wide variety of service. It always be better for our clients if hassle could be done by phone, not only efficient but also beneficial for both our customers and us.

Repair Exchange

If you have a problem with your equipment, our service department will assess and advice what to do. If it should be repaired, within certain weeks we will convey to you an exchange equipment.

Contact Us

Please do call us for any queries to keep your devices works properly

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 085 222 46 7775